A waterproof pocket for smartphones and music players
HOYO allows you to keep your smartphone within hands reach while enjoying the shower or dirty work - at the kitchen or workshop.

A waterproof pocket for smartphones and music players

HOYO allows you to keep your smartphone within hands reach while enjoying the shower or dirty work - at the kitchen or workshop.

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Why not?
You get to the bathroom to take a shower and naturally you’re still carrying your smartphone; checking the latest on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, kickstarter, news apps, emails, notifications…You either leave it on the shelf above the sink or somewhere where you could take a peek at it if it beeps or rings. However, if it actually rings you can't do much about it unless you really stop the water and grab it without even drying your hand...

Why not keep it within your hands reach safe from water splashes and easy to grab, touch or swipe? why not if you can?
What's HOYO?
HOYO is a 100% water- and dust-proof smart pocket with a new twist. It protects your phone in harsh and humid environments while giving you full-touch control over your mobile or music player. Hang HOYO on your shower curtain, bathroom wall, kitchen or work site at all times. Tuck your mobile in every time you decide to take a shower, prepare a meal or get in gear to take on that hard dirty job – at the factory, garage or field.

Come water, grease or dust, your mobile is safe, connected and playing your top tunes.
What can I do with it?
  • • Keep your phone in sight not to miss important phone calls
  • • Keep an eye on your phone clock not to stay long in shower
  • • Decline calls for the first time with a message saying "I am in the shower. Later..."
  • • See your messages and notifications as they come in
  • • Listen to your favourite tunes straight from your mobile phone
  • • Get your daily dose of news headlines while enjoying your early morning shower
  • • Watch a 15 min TED talk. You never know,your next shower might change your perception to the world
  • • Swipe, pinch or tap your phone screen with wet and dirty hands
  • • You could even FaceTime, Tweet, or post on Instagram or Facebook while in the shower
  • • You could even discover couple of cool Kickstarter projects while in the shower
  • • It's never been that fun, that colorful
  • Keep your mobile phone safe from water or dust.
  • Swipe, tap, or pinch your phone screen safely with a wet or dirty hands.
  • Listen to your favorite music in-shower straight from your mobile phone.
  • See your messages as they come in without interrupting your shower.

  • Full control of your personal connectivity is now yours with HOYO.

  • 100% waterproof pocket
  • Extremely easy access to tuck in and out any smartphone
  • 100% watertight easy lid to protect from water splashes and humidity
  • Crystal clear see-through pocket to see the mobile screen
  • Full touch control through the transparent pocket (swipe, pinch or tap easily)
  • Elegant design with fully durable anti-rust material

  • HOYO fits all types of smartphones up to 5.3 inch screens (iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy note 3, Android, Virgin, T-Mobile, HTC, LG, etc.)
  • As long as your smartphone is less than 100mm in width and 165mm in height, it would fit in perfectly.
  • HOYO can be installed on all types of shower curtains – plastic or glass – or any type of bathroom wall ceramics.
  • What’s in the Box – Full package
  • Branded pocket
  • Closing nut + watertight lid
  • Strap and suction cup/span>
  • Spare fully transparent pocket
  • Shower curtain cutting kit
  • Instruction manual
  • 1. Where and when can I buy HOYO and how much does it cost?

    HOYO is currently being funded on Kickstarter. You can find all the details in our Kickstarter campaign by tapping on pre-order now.

    2. Does my smartphone fit?

    As long as your smartphone is less than 100mm in width and 165mm in height, it would fit in perfectly.

    3. Can we hear the phone ringing or the loudspeaker music through HOYO?

    Definitely, that is the main purpose of HOYO. While your phone is safe from water splashes, sound are perfectly loud and clear.

    4. How can I fix HOYO on the shower curtain?

    HOYO comes with a special tool that allows you to cut through any type of shower curtain. You can see in the video above an animated demonstration on how to do so.

    5. How can we hang HOYO on the ceramic wall or the glass curtain?

    HHOYO will come with a suction cup that can be placed on any smooth surface.

    6. Can HOYO be transferred from one shower curtain to another?

    Of course, you can always take HOYO off your old shower curtain and place it on the new one.


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